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Catalyst aims to build a new economy based on local self-determination, shared prosperity and unlimited possibilities. It has members in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia and Europe.

At Buia&Flama we worked on the creation of an identity whose main challenge was to communicate a complex message:

Catalyst seeks to develop the physical, digital and financial infrastructure that constitutes the nervous system of a new economy.

The branding program developed is simple, takes up the rebellious spirit of the 60s and is inspired by the color palette of tricontinental posters to make its message clear: Catalyst is moving quickly towards the change our world needs.

We are proud to have been part of this great project!

The strength of Catalyst’s identity lies in the simplicity of a symbol that can be both part of the urban language and form visual systems through the iconography that represents each of the complex aspects involved in this global project.

Let's work together

We craft beatiful & unique brands an animations​.

We want to work alongside brands that in their essence want to stand out and speak differently, lighting their own flame and enhancing it with efficient, risky, fun, empathetic and emotional communication 🔥

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