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Dataglobal is an Argentine company dedicated to providing energy solutions to different companies, from batteries for UPS, deep cycle batteries for renewable energy, maintenance and development of data centers.

With more than 10 years in the market, Dataglobal required an update of its brand that would reflect the innovation in its processes and the support it provides to its clients on a daily basis. For this reason, the weight of the isotype has been adjusted to create a more compact shape that provides greater reproducibility. In addition, a heavier and more compact font was chosen, which makes it possible to unify the brand and show it as a whole.

The color was unified to generate a more compact shape, a visual unit that conveys a more pronounced sense of security and firmness.

Following this line, a slogan was proposed with a more emotional approach and closer to the client. The new slogan maintains a direct relationship with the core of the company while proposing a proactive relationship with the public.

In addition, work was done on communication for its social networks, focusing on the benefits of having preventive maintenance programs and the brand’s actions were accompanied by paid media campaigns.

ClientDataglobalDateFebruary, 2020Share
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