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Quantify · AI Powered Solutions

Quantify provides technological innovation solutions based on artificial intelligence to generate added value to products and services.
With an operational base in the city of Buenos Aires, this company provides support to clients around the world, which is why we developed a modern and consistent visual identity system that communicates Quantify’s vision in a simple way.

Being innovative requires boldness

This was the premise under which we worked with Quantify to develop a young, strong and modern global brand that operates in a highly competitive technology market.

Quantify shows its bold attitude through a fresh visual code, with a striking color palette while always maintaining clarity and focus on information. The Q becomes the main symbol of the brand and an element that generates identity, through patterns, dynamic color variations and bold compositions.

A brand built with passion

The process of creating Quantify’s identity was completely horizontal, involving all the parties that make up the company, who had an active participation in defining each aspect of the identity. The result: a brand that conveys Quantify’s professionalism and commitment at first glance.

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