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The word ‘bulla’ or ‘buia’ is heard a lot here in Mendoza. It comes from boiling, a verb that is used to refer to the state in which a liquid put on fire breaks to boil. It is at that moment that the “buia” occurs: bubbles begin to form, the water is stirred and makes noise, especially if you left the lid on.

That noise caused by the boiling of the liquid is what gave its name to the shout or uproar that is created when there is a group of people gathered. For this reason, doing “buia” is drawing attention, it is breaking the stillness of the water and stirring it up, it is the discussion that builds new conversations and messages.

So, if your brand were, for example, a person, would you like the way they speak, what they say and how they look to generate an impact on those around them? That is doing Buia.

People are looking for more human brands and we are looking for brands that want to do things differently.
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We craft beatiful & unique brands an animations​.

We want to work alongside brands that in their essence want to stand out and speak differently, lighting their own flame and enhancing it with efficient, risky, fun, empathetic and emotional communication 🔥

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