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Words, like fire, can catch fire (when they become fashionable), extinguish (when they are not pronounced) or burn (when they insult or despise). But one of his most noble alchemical attributes is that of transmutation.

That which once named fire today runs through “los barrios” where alternative culture explodes, with its expressions and music, to become “flama” and name what is good, what is liked.

At Buia&Flama we are lovers of creating high-quality visual content to give your brand a voice. We specialize in motion graphics to help your company or organization raise its voice within the digital ecosystem by creating animated stories that impact and connect with people so that “lo flamante” burns in all its splendor in your brand.

Let's work together

We craft beatiful & unique brands an animations​.

We want to work alongside brands that in their essence want to stand out and speak differently, lighting their own flame and enhancing it with efficient, risky, fun, empathetic and emotional communication 🔥

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